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Jul. 12th, 2011

To. everyone
Hello it’s C.A.P.
It’s been already a year since we made our debut.
It feels like it was yesterday since we met everyone while doing our debut with Clap, time is really fast.
Because I’m not used to write letters it feels weird.
Even though my handwriting is crooked, I’m writing while thinking about everyone so read it well please
Last year, we made so many different memories with all of you.
We became one under Teen Top’s name,and I thank all our fans Andromeda for loving and following me who’s still lacking a lot and my dongsaengs.
For those fans who supported us and gave us an infinite love and those who will come, it seems like we will have another happy and joyful year.
To repay all the fans’ big love, I want to always be with our Andromeda to accomplish our goals.

Look forward to what Teen Top will show you.
We’ll always love you.

To. Andromedas

Hello, it’s Chunji~ ㅋㅋ
It’s been already 1 year~ 1 year since Teen Top was born~
Now that I think that we passed a year with all of you, it seems that only happy and joyful things happened~
You know that it’s all thanks to our Andromedas that we could have the happiest year right~?
I’m still shaking when thinking about when we did our debut with Clap…
You can’t forget the debut stage nor our comeback stage with Supa Luv right?~~~
Everytime I stand on stage I’m nervous…
Because at those times everyone is here screaming our names and supporting us, it seems that I get even more strength~ Thank you
Since Teen Top will work harder we won’t! Deceive you~

I promise that we will do it together~
Now we can’t be separated from our Andromedas right? ㅋㅋㅋ~
And today the wet season began suddenly, that changing weather!
Be careful of the cold~~
You can’t be sick at all
Happy first anniversary~~
-Chunji JJang-

To. my lovely you

It’s been already 1 year…since we met! Writing a letter like this, I don’t really know what I should talk about, I’m kind of nervous… It’s embarrassing! T.T
Thank you for always being by my side!! Thank you!! And thank you again~
We will come to you with sometime a cute…sometime a chic…sometime~ a sexyㅋㅋ image so don’t even dream of going anywhere!
I’ll have nightmares too.. I’ll stay proudly and without changing next to Andromedas! Promise~ >3> You trust me right!!? hihi~ *weird face*
Now the wet season will end and the weather will be hot and humid! But you still have to have your umbrellas… you don’t know when the rain can come!! T-T
Our goddesses have to study well and work hard! I will have rap pratices, dance practices, composition lessons.. and I will practice hard my vocals(?)! Promise~ Ah~ Now thinking that we will me everyone soon! I’m everyday *pitapat*!! nervous~ Look forward to it! Since you don’t know if we’ll steal your whole heart…be careful!
Lastly, I love all the fans who whished Teen Top a happy first anniversary
Well I wrote it all! Bbyong~ hehe!

To. Andromeda~

Hello~ It’s Niel~ hehehe
It’s Teen Top’s 1st anniversary~ (Ah~ I’m happy~<3)
It’s been a Year since Teen Top was with Andromedas!!!
Now that I think about our Andromeda goddesses who were with Teen Top who didn’t change I get tears of joy ㅠㅠㅠ
Try to think back to all the memories we made together in 1 year~ There’s so many of them
We had our first stage while being extremely nervous and I remember of when we went to see all of you~
I was really excited then~ *pitapat~ (I can’t write well but read it well, focus!)
I still remember of how you screamed our names and supported us that day~ hehe
We finished our first album’s promotions like this and we made our comeback with Supa Luv in January~ *in the clouds*
There was a fanmeeting for our 200th day~ But because it was so short we couldn’t meet a lot of people, you know how we felt too right? Memories keep coming~
Ah~ and the big mistake! Niel’s choreography mistake!! Even when I think about it now I feel dizzy!!
For next year it feels like we will have a lot of exciting, nervous and happy things happening~
We won’t leave our original intentions and Teen Top promised we will be together until the end!!
With this promise I won’t forget any of the important things~
I will never lose the first feeling I got when Teen Top met Andromedas and I promise we will be together until the end~!!!
Ah~ I miss you~!!!
I love you~ Well bye~<3


To. All the Andromedas

It’s been a year since Teen Top made their debut with the title song Clap on “July 10th 2010”~~!!!
I’m really touche touched touched touched touched x1000000000000098765432100 by all the Andromedas that was always by our side, no matter how hot it was, cold it was, on rainy days and snowy days, and that supported us until their throat hurts~ㅠ~ㅠ Because you supported us so hard, when you’re sick our hurt Ricky is hurt too…ㅋㅋ
I got strength from everyone’s love and support, I think that we had a happy year~^^ From now on we always have to be together!!!! Got it?? Until Teen Top stands on top!

Ricky who totally loves his Andromedas x10000000000000000

To. my baby~ goddesses~

Hello hello hello hello~ It’s amazing Changjo~ Today’s Teen Top’s first anniversary!! Daebak~ Applause!! (clap clap clap) Hum.. First I’d like to thank and thank again everyone who trusted and loved Teen Top since day 1 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
There’s a lot of things I want to say ㅠㅠ But after holding the pen I don’t know what to begin with… But you know how I feel right?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Those lovely baby goddesses ㅋㅋㅋ I love you
Since Teen Top will grow up and improve more and more continue to take good care of us!
You will stay with us until our 10000th anniversary right?
*kiss sound*~~~ We have to hold a concert on Andromeda
So~ …. O.O

Source : http://cafe.daum.net/TEENTOP
Translation credit BGSS2Maknae@teensontop.com

Mar. 15th, 2011

everyone looking for the dub in this lif
how to help if you are out of Japan:

LJ specific: fandom-related auctions to raise money. Winner of the auction chooses where to donate.

how to help if you are in Korea:

how to help if you are in Japan:

Additional information for Japanese residents via twitterCollapse )

April 15 update: on-going ways to help if you live in Japan

* Continue to make a monthly donation to the Japanese Red Cross fund for Tohoku Earthquake Relief.
The easiest way is through the FamiPort machines at Family Mart, or you can send it to their postal account (see details above in this post).

For people in Japan, you can also donate directly to the communities most in need by sending money to their postal accounts. Check the municipal websites; even the most hard-hit areas are online to some degree.

* Gaijin Relief Volunteers in Japan Facebook page has many good links including some of the following:
Peaceboat Tohoku Kanto Earthquake Emergency Relief facebook page has information about volunteering
Habitat for Humanity (volunteer sign-up information is here
Smile Kids Japan Tohoku Kids' Project - to support children orphaned by the earthquake and tsunami
Sign-ups for International Students to Volunteer in Ishinomaki

(I will update in more detail this weekend; I'm researching ways to volunteer and help out beyond donating money)

Please let me know if you have additional useful information.

valentine's day: kissies to my favourites

go directly to jail do not pass go do no
First, a random find. Anybody remember the "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" guy? Apparently he put out a song. It's kinda funny, at least if you are easily amused.

Chris Crocker - I Want Your Bite

Best lyrics?



asdfljadf;jadf; can't breathe

...I know, I know, sparkle text is so 2010.

A lovelier surprise today was Hide-chan camwhoring as Valentine's Day fan service:

Totally going to illegally download buy his video with Yuuta, in which they have ~Brotherly~ Adventures in the Australian Outback together. (Yuuta with black hair ♥)

"Just what this country needs - a cock, in a frock, on a rock." - Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

"Right here's the Ping Pong Club, they pay you in beer for services rendered"


Meanwhile, in Korea...

All is well.

I booked my plane trip to Americaland! Yeay! now I have to make a list of what-all I might want to pick up while I'm there. In other news, I started a new work-out routine and I'm so sore all over I just want to be squished flat, like with a rolling pin or something.

I emerge with a humble request...


Okay I know there are JE fans on my friends list who must be well-versed in these techniques, and I am pretty sure all but possibly one never reads my journal and will not even notice this, but it's worth a shot, and who knows? perhaps somebody else will have ideas!


 Where is a good place in Tokyo to get supplies?
 Do you think black with fluorescent electric tape would be the most visible?
Any other suggestions?
Don't suppose you know how to actually make them light up :))
P.S. do they let you just take the crowns from Burger King, if, say, one needed to make pimp crowns...


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